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Chula Vista Resort Moves Laundry Off-Site
Continental Girbau Inc.
VET CLINICS & HOSPITALS CHULA VISTA RESORT MOVGEAISN LAUNDRY LAUNDRY OFF-SITE PRODUCTIVITY & PEACE OF MIND WITH E-SERIES WASHERS APRIL 2012 • By Haley Jorgensen INVESTS IN TECHNOLOGY, SLASHES LABOR, CATAPULTS PRODUCTION At Chula Vista Resort, in Wisconsin Dells, Wis., owner Mike Kaminski recently moved his on-premise laundry to an off-site location in order to cut labor costs, boost laundry ...

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Matrix Class for Glass with Vera Sweeney Matrix Join Vera Sweeney as she gets the perfect wavy hair with Matrix Celebrity Hairstylist, George Papanikolas!
Speed Wash Laundry Continental Girbau Inc. Speed Wash Laundry -- "the fastest wash in the west" -- is sandwiched between a discount clothing store and Cardenas Market in Riverside, Calif. In full ...

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